Technical Analysis

Learn to identify and capitalize on price trends of any tradable security in any market

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Course Description

This online course is for anyone (investors, students, retirees, traders) who wants to learn to recognize technical patterns and transform them into actionable trading plans. You'll get 

  • Over 5 hours of on demand video, exercises and interactive content
  • Access any time, and at your pace. All you need is an internet connection
  • Case studies showing you exactly how technical analysis can fuel pattern recognition, set price targets and plan your exit strategy
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Course Curriculum

Understanding Charts
  • Arithmetic vs. Logarithmic
  • Timeframes
  • Clean Charts
Chart Analysis
  • Bar Chart
  • Candlesticks
  • Candlesticks: Doji
  • Line Chart
  • Moving Averages
  • Creating Trend Lines
  • Trend Lines: Time Horizons
  • Trend Lines: The Kickback
  • Trend Identifcation: 3 Questions
Understanding Technical Analysis
  • Support and Resistance
  • Polarity 101
  • Polarity Psychology
  • Polarity: Volume By Price
  • Polarity: Example 1
  • Polarity: Example 2
  • Dow Theory History
  • DJIA and DJTA
  • Markets Trend
  • Averages Discount Everything
  • Closing Prices
  • Bull Markets
  • Bear Markets
Supplemental Indicators
  • Supplemental Indicators Introduction
  • Relative Strength Index Introduction
  • Overbought/Oversold
  • 14 Day RSI: Bull Examples
  • 14 Day RSI: Bear Examples
  • Momentum Divergence: Bullish
  • Momentum Divergence: Bearish
  • Momentum Examples: Apple
  • Momentum Examples: U.S. Dollar / S&P 500
  • Relative Strength Explanation
  • Relative Strength Example: Comparing Nations
  • Relative Strength Example: Comparing Components
  • Relative Strength Example: Semiconductors
Technical Analysis In Action
  • Patterns Introduction
  • Continuation Pattern Recognition
  • Continuation Pattern Examples
  • Reversal Pattern: Head and Shoulders
  • Reversal Pattern: Microphone
  • Reversal Pattern: Rounding Top / Bottom
  • Reversal Pattern: Double Top / Bottom
  • Failed Patterns Introduction
  • Failed Patterns Examples
  • Setting Price Targets
Fibonacci Retracement
  • The Fibonacci Problem
  • Fibonacci Sequence: 0.618
  • Fibonacci Sequence: 1.618 (The Golden Ratio)
  • Examples of 1.618 Retracement
  • Fibonacci Sequence: 2.618
  • Fibonacci Sequence: 4.236
  • Example of 4.236 Retracement
  • Fibonacci Sequence: 6.854
  • Fibonacci Sequence on Multiple Timeframes
  • Fibonacci Takeaways
Risk Management
  • Risk Management Introduction
  • Position Sizing: Getting Started
  • Position Sizing Math
  • Caveats of Position Sizing
  • Risk Vs. Reward
  • Risk Management: The Three Rules

About the Instructor

JC Parets

JC Parets

Chartered Market Technician

JC Parets is the Founder of “All Star Charts” and is one of the most widely followed Technical Analysts in the world. His work has been regularly featured on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox Business, ABC, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, among other outlets. JC has been helping both professionals and retail investors identify winning trades for over 10 years, and with Technical Analysis his first course for Investopedia Academy JC takes this powerful market perspective and makes it useful for anyone in the world.

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I love the way Investopedia designed their courses. The Academy allows me to have complete on demand access to each course I purchase. Investopedia Academy was perfect in that it allowed me to take the courses at my own pace and I could rewatch any lessons I wanted. 

Samy Abouseda
Student at HEG, Bachelor in Business Administration

Investopedia Academy provided me the tools to expand my financial analysis skills with a fun and easy to understand course.

Greg Curl
Project Manager of Algorithmic Lending