Free Video Lessons from Become a Day Trader
Thinking about becoming a day trader? Investopedia Academy invites you to watch these three exclusive free video lessons of our course, Become A Day Trader with David Green.

Each video is a different section from the course and reviews such topics as: basic trading language, tips to becoming a successful trader, and trend trading. Scroll down to watch each free course section and learn more about the course, Become a Day Trader.
Section 1, Lesson 1: Meet David Green

In this brief lesson, you'll meet your instructor, David Green. David is a former professional trader with over 20 years of experience on the trading floor of the stock exchange. Click the play button now to get started! 

Section 6, Lesson 1: Trading Psychology

In this 4 minute lesson, David Green discusses trading psychology and why it is an important component to sucessfully day trade. Review why it is critical to "Remain Independent", view stocks as "Trade Vehicles", and above all "Push That Button". Click the play button to watch this lesson. 

Section 8, Lesson 1: Trend Trade

There are six different types of trading set-ups taught in this course. This 7 minute lesson reviews the first set-up: a trend trade. Watch and learn as David teaches what a trend trade is and the 5 steps to successfully execute a trend trade.

Full Course Details: Become a Day Trader 

Want to learn more from David about Day Trading? Then now is the time to enroll in the full course! This course includes: 

  • 50+ lessons (that's over 5 hours) with on demand video, exercises and interactive content
  • Step by step guide, with proven and to the point strategies, for 6 different kinds of trades 
  • Acquire the skills, including vocabulary, technical analysis, and risk mitigation, you need to trade any security in any market
  • Investopedia Guarantee  

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