FINRA Series 7 Exam Prep

Leverage a personalized training program built to maximize your memory retention to prepare you for the Series 7 Exam. Easy to use on your phone or computer.

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FINRA Series 7 Exam Prep

Leverage a personalized training program built to maximize your memory retention to prepare you for the Series 7 Exam. Easy to use on your phone or computer.

$249.00 $249 USD

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About Achievable's Series 7 Exam Prep

The Series 7 may be boring, but it doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why Investopedia Academy partnered with Achievable to create an easy to use app for your phone or computer that is everything you need to pass this exam.

All other Series 7 materials are textbooks or online equivalents, meant to give you the body of information in an organized way. However, textbook format is not optimized for memorization - and most of this test is memorization.

The Achievable app is built for memorization, and includes trivia (“what is the contribution limit of a Roth IRA?”) and concepts (how to calculate an option spread). It looks simple, but behind the scenes is an advanced learning algorithm that tracks you as you study and optimizes to improve your score. Students at Fortune 100 banks see their scores increase 15% just by using Achievable. Our goal is to get you the same results.

Why Take This Course?

  • Investopedia Series 7 only shows you material to study or review at the optimal time. This leads to big time savings: our program takes an average of 70 hours to complete, versus 150-200 hours for other courses.
  • Experience the convenience of a program built for the modern investor. You can study at home or on the go, and on your schedule.  
  • Our scheduling algorithm ensures that you’re always reviewing the right material at the right time to maximize your knowledge and memory of the course.
  • As you study, our program tracks your progress with each of the over 2,000 concepts in the Series 7 exam. We then use this information to give you a comprehensive Exam Readiness score, so you always know exactly how prepared you are to take the test.

Taking Exam Prep to the Next Level

  • The app leverages learning science called spaced repetition to help you succeed. It tracks every piece of content as you study and schedules it for review at the optimal time for maximum memory retention.
  • We set out to build the best Series 7 course, and that includes excellent, original content.  It was created with FINRA’s syllabus at its heart, ensuring that what you’re learning closely maps to the latest questions on the Series 7 exam. This content is supported by a 30-year veteran instructor and author, as well as the training professionals at major national banks. The result is content that covers the Series 7 effectively and efficiently, giving you the best learning experience.  
  • Exam Practice - 250 Evergreen Application Questions
  • Our exam practice experience features  programmatically generated questions that give you the full learning effectiveness every time you answer them. Studies have proven that retaking a practice test reduces its effectiveness by half, so our practice questions are written as templates with changing numbers and math, and automatically generate answers, distractors, and examples.This creates an “infinite quiz bank” that focuses on the core concept of each question or formula.

About the Instructor

Justin Pincar
Justin Pincar Founder - Achievable

Achievable is the software behind the Investopedia Academy and Acievable's Series 7 course. Prior to Achievable, Justin built similar software for large textbook publishers, and saw the power that adaptive learning leverages, which includes a “spaced repetition” methodology. Long used by language learners and trivia champions, “spaced repetition” recently attracted attention of professional researchers. A 2003 study showed that students using spaced repetition methods to learn material scored 45% higher than those who spent the same amount of time using a traditional approach. Achievable has been working with individuals, financial institutions, and partners since 2016 to help students succeed through the power of spaced repetition and technology. Achievable partnered with Investopedia to bring this product to you.