Financial Modeling
Learn and master financial modeling with a project-based online course taught by a financial professional who has served both Fortune 500's and start-ups

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What will I learn?

Built on a foundation of project-based learning activities and instruction, this course both touches on the theories and dives deep into the practices you’ll need to succeed. In this course, you will:

  • Build a financial model (after the very first lesson!)
  • Use financial models to evaluate performance of a project, department, or entire business
  • Speak the language of finance to get a jumpstart on your MBA, or make a career move
  • Make realistic financial projections, and execute a pro forma valuation of a company

This course includes:

  • Over 8 hours of on demand video, exercises, and interactive content
  • Lifetime access to every one of the videos in this course.

This online course is foundational for: entrepreneurs, business majors, and anyone looking to make a career move in finance.

        Certificate of Enrollment

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        Course Curriculum

        • Valuation: Debt
        • Valuation: Enterprise Value
        • Valuation: Free Cash Flow
        • Valuation: Present Value & Discounting
        • Valuation: Terminal Value
        • Valuation: Cost of Capital
        Part 1: A Simple Financial Model
        • The Setup - Video
        • Financial Modeling Blank Workbook
        • Part 1: A Simple Financial Model Instructions
        • A Simple Financial Model: Exam
        • Walkthrough - Video
        • Excel Bonus - Video
        • Case Study 1 Workbook - Completed
        Part 2: Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis
        • Introduction - Video
        • Part 2: Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis Instructions
        • Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis Exam
        • Break-Even And Sensitivity Analysis Walkthrough - Video
        • Case Study 2 Workbook - Completed
        Part 3: True To Life
        • Introduction - Video
        • Part 3: True To Life Instructions
        • True To Life Exam
        • Excel - The Setup - Video
        • Excel - The Explanation - Video
        • Case Study 3 Workbook - Completed
        Part 4: Scenario Analysis
        • Introduction - Video
        • Part 4: Scenario Analysis Instructions
        • Part 4 Exam
        • The Setup - Video
        • The Explanation - Video
        • Case Study 4 Workbook - Completed
        Part 5: Capex And Depreciation
        • Introduction - Video
        • Part 5: Capex and Depreciation Instructions
        • Part 5 Exam
        • The Setup - Video
        • The Explanation - Video
        • Bonus - Video
        • Case Study 5 Workbook - Completed
        Part 6: Deprecation Schedules
        • Introduction - Video
        • Part 6: Deprecation Schedules Instructions
        • Part 6 Exam
        • The Setup - Video
        • The Explanation - Video
        • Case Study 6 Workbook - Completed
        Part 7: Working Capital
        • Introduction - Video
        • Part 7: Working Capital Instructions
        • Part 7 Exam
        • The Setup - Video
        • The Explanation - Video
        • Case Study 7 Workbook Completed
        Part 8: Shortening the Cash Cycle
        • Introduction - Video
        • Part 8 Shortening the Cash Cycle Instructions
        • Part 8 Exam
        • The Setup - Video
        • The Explanation - Video
        • Case Study 8 Workbook - Completed

        About the Instructor

        Andrew Russakoff
        Andrew Russakoff Senior Director, Financial Planning & Analysis, IAC

        With nearly two decades of experience in finance and computer science, Andrew Russakoff has built financial models in a wide range of markets and for companies ranging from startups seeking funding through energy companies with projects worth hundreds of millions. Now, in addition to being an Investopedia Academy Instructor, he plies his trade in the Internet technology market, using financial modeling to help both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500s better predict their futures and spot opportunities in a tumultuous market.

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        I am so impressed with Investopedia Academy’s Financial Modeling course. I fully trust the experience and comprehensive knowledge of Andrew. The course material and continuous access give me comfort as I attempt to learn and understand financial modeling.

        Abdurrahman Tutgac
        Financial Modeling Student

        Investopedia Academy’s Excel for Finance and Financial Modeling courses have boosted my skills 300% and have given me a great foundation to build on. These courses have provided me the skills that are needed when entering the workforce and I feel much more confident when interviewing for jobs.

        Uros Trifunovic
        Finance student at Baruch College

        As I look to transition my career to a role in finance, Investopedia Academy offered an Excel course that was a great value for my money, and helped me learn the skills I needed to change careers.

        Bhimsen Sonawane
        "Excel for Finance" graduate

        I love the way Investopedia designed their courses. The Academy allows me to have complete on demand access to each course I purchase. Investopedia Academy was perfect in that it allowed me to take the courses at my own pace and I could rewatch any lessons I wanted. 

        Samy Abouseda
        Student at HEG, Bachelor in Business Administration

        I mentioned the course during a job interview with a private bank. The hiring manager was an avid Investopedia user, and being able to talk about the course definitely helped me in the interview.

        Alexey Efimov
        "Excel for Finance" graduate